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Magnesium and minerals food supplement with sweeteners. Citrus flavour.
Pocket-sized pure hydration

Nothing can stop your performance. Are you sure about that? Loss of energy and cramps due to intense and rapid fluid loss can hinder anyone, even the best. So don’t underestimate the role of hydration every time you put your body under strain.

Movement increases body temperature, causing loss of water and electrolytes - mainly sodium - through sweat. Increased sweating leads to a negative water balance, which drastically reduces your performance if the right balance is not re-established by adding new liquids.

Hydral is a handy supplement of sodium, magnesium and other mineral salts in powdered form. Dissolved in water, it makes an instant hypotonic drink, ideal for maintaining the right balance in your body during sporting activity and staying hydrated all the way to the finish line. Magnesium is essential for supporting sports performance as it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, contributing to electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism and normal muscle function.

Practical, pre-dosed and instant: one sachet of Hydral contains 461 mg of sodium and 100 mg of magnesium hydroxide from UltraMag® Marine which, thanks to its unique and patented Sucrosomial® Technology, allows the magnesium to overcome the gastric environment without irritating the intestinal mucosa, thus increasing levels of absorption of the mineral and its tolerability.

To make an instant hypotonic drink, dissolve a pre-dosed sachet of Hydral in 500 ml of water at room temperature and shake until completely dissolved.

You can also use Hydral in combination with Race Carb Caf or Endurance Carb to get a super energizing and rehydrating sports drink. In this case, dissolve the powders in 650 ml of water and drink in 200 ml sips approximately every 20 minutes, both before and during training or sports competitions.

Remember that, as a complement to physical activity, it is important to choose a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Sodium citrate; maltodextrin; acidifier: citric acid; magnesium hydroxide; sodium chloride; flavours; potassium chloride; sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K.

  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Gluten Free. Lactose Free.
  1 sachet %VNR
Magnesium 100 mg 27%
Chloride 302 mg 38%
Sodium 461 mg  
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In all Cetilar® Nutrition products, each ingredient and its respective dosages have been carefully studied to best support athletes during physical activity, in terms of

Energy, strength, and well-being of the body.
Play Sure - Doping Free

With Cetilar®, sports are safe, respect health, and always play fair: our products are certified Play Sure Doping Free, as they are free of any substances considered doping and therefore suitable for those who practice sports at every level.

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